General Conditions

– All services provided by Cheap Host are used for legitimate purposes only.

– It is prohibited to transfer, store or provide any data or information for material that violates the sanctity of Islamic law or the agreed laws and customs.

– ChipHost does not provide any entity with any data about its customers unless it is an official governmental entity in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

– The beneficiary (client) is not entitled to defame or defame ChipHost or its employees, and in the event of this occurrence ChipHost reserves the right to terminate the contract with the client and refused to provide future services without any legal liability.

– In the event of any dispute we seek to reach solutions within ChipHost because we recognize that the customer always has the right and seek for the best service to him and in the case of failure to resolve internally, the client retains the right to litigation before the competent authorities “legal” in Saudi Arabia in accordance with the laws and usage agreement.

– Buying a service from ChipHost or using one of its services means you agree to the terms here.

– ChipHost has the right to amend the terms of the agreement at any time without any liability to notify its current customers

Customer Rights

– Cheap Host is committed to providing the best service in terms of quality, efficiency, customer rights, and commitment to customer engagement.

– Cheap Host promises to provide 99.9% server / server stability.

– Cheap Host undertakes to maintain the personal data of the customer and not to leak it to any party without the official written permission of the competent governmental or international authorities, and the customer is notified.

– Cheap Host undertakes to maintain the level of its services for all plans announced on the official site of the site and special offers without distinction or distinction between plans.

– Cheap Host undertakes to discontinue services – God forbid – at any time to compensate customers for an additional period equal to the period in which the service has been suspended.

– Cheap Host undertakes to deliver services on time and in agreement with the customer.

Refund policy

Refund policy is subject to the following conditions:
– If full payment is made before services are delivered.

– If the rent is paid for a full year in advance.

– Amount due for the remaining period of service (11 months).

– Transfer charges and bank and administrative expenses are deducted from the amount due.

– The amount due is not refunded if the customer is in violation of any of the terms and conditions agreed upon in the service policy for the service provided.

– The amount due is not refunded after 15 days of receiving the service.

– Refund is only made at the request of the customer directly, by a written message from the customer’s email and registered in our system, and after confirmation of the customer personally via telephone call to the phone number registered in the system.

General obligations

– The customer is obliged to pay the service fee at the same time as the service request.

– In the case of renewal: The customer is obliged to renew on the due date for issuance of his invoice, and the customer shall be notified of the renewal deadline no later than 30 days.

– If you do not want to renew: The backup copy of the client site is maintained on the servers of the company Cheap Host for a period of 14 days at most.

– The account is closed within 48 hours after the due date of renewal. If the customer wishes to reopen the account or obtain the backup version of the site, a fee of SR 200 will be paid for the re-opening of the service.

– ChipHost assumes no responsibility for any error of financial transfer or bank deposits.

– When depositing funds in our account, the Accounts Section must be notified to confirm the deposit within a period not exceeding 72 hours.

– ChipHost is not responsible for any commercial transaction outside our Ticket System with any person under any circumstances
ChipHost Domains: – Official domain of the company. – Ticket system and technical support. – The postal transmitter range for the crew. (Example Employee Mail is

– ChipHost will never ask you to send information outside the ticket system under any circumstances.

– Cheap Host reserves the right to refuse, terminate or cancel any contract at its sole discretion.

Terms of Hosting

– It is prohibited to transfer, store or provide any material or data that violates Islamic law or any material that has intellectual property rights or patents.

– Prohibits the publication of any trademark protected material or any other method of protection.

– It is prohibited to publish or promote any sites that have illegal activity, support terrorism, defame religions, sects, people, racism, or carry any extremist ideology or material related to threatening messages.

– It is prohibited to publish any material that harms the servers or servers of the Cheap Host or any other servers / servers on the Internet.

– It is prohibited to publish any pirated software or applications.

– It is prohibited to publish any hacker programs or applications, or to publish any material related to the teaching of hacking and hacking operations.

– Attempts to harm any sites or servers / servers are prohibited under the hosting of Cheap Host by any other subscriber.

– It is prohibited to post or activate any service related to the IRC.

– It is strictly forbidden to send promotional or promotional messages to a site or product via our servers in the so-called SPAM.

– Allows members of the site hosted on our servers to be sent twice a week at maximum non-peak times between 11 pm and 7 am GMT, and the transmission rate does not exceed 500 members per session. Otherwise the SPAM treatment will be treated .. see previous item.

Special conditions :
– The terms and conditions apply to a host of hosting plans