Plans and prices

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70 $ per month
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120 $ per month
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Disk storage

300 GB

600 GB

1200 GB


Four cores

Six cores

Ten cores


12 GB (guaranteed)

24 GB (guaranteed)

50 GB (guaranteed)


100 Mbit/s port

100 Mbit/s port

1 Gbit/s port





Operating system

Linux / Windows Server 2012+2016

Linux / Windows Server 2012+2016

Linux / Windows Server 2012+2016

24/7/365 Support

Root access

99.9% Uptime Guarantee

OS reinstall console

IP addresses




IPv6 addresses

/64 Network

/64 Network

/64 Network

DNS management

Reverse DNS


Highly efficient cooling

DDoS protection


100 Gbit/s

100 Gbit/s

100 Gbit/s

Admin panels





SSD servers

Is a shortcut to Solid State Drive. SSD storage disks can be considered as a large copy of the USB flash disk and are more complex where there is no diskette or flash disks in these disks, and data and files are saved in microchips. Each type of SSD has a controller that reads and writes data and determines the speed of these disks.

It is the ideal choice for owners of large companies that need great stability in the service. It is also the choice of many owners of medium sites and large commercial sites because the servers are working on a separate and independent system. Working only on your sites makes it the most suitable for medium sites that need more advantages of the shared hosting service. All these servers are managed and protected completely through the specialized technical support staff in CheapHost which works to provide optimal protection and stability without the need for customer intervention. We provide a complete server management service free of of charge for all VPS SSD servers and we and currently offer 3 major groups of VPS SSD managed and protected servers.

  • Maximum protection

    All our servers are highly protected with the latest protection programs, protection against file files and protection against Security Focus - IDS / IPS / DDOS

  • Network security and stability

    Security and safety is our primary goal to provide a distinctive and stable service. We are characterized by the highest 99.9% uptime based on advanced technology in infrastructure

  • Continuous Technical Support

    We always care about our after- sales services and technical support. We are always on the clock and all days of the week. We follow up our customers to provide support and assistance. We are quick to respond, analyze and solve any problem in the shortest time.

  • Latest Operating Systems

    We provide the most up-to-date operating systems with updated services (PHP, MySQL, Apache), eliminating unnecessary and dangerous services on the server

  • Multiple Backups

    Free external backup to ensure data retention plus internal back up copies

  • Move your sites

    The possibility of transferring all your sites to the server at any time, the installation, inspection, and ensuring the safety after the transfer

All plans include

    1. cpanel /Whm control panel
    2. FTP account
    3. Unlimited Databases
    4. Unlimited email
    5. Unlimited Subdomains
    6. PhpMyAdmin control panel
    7. The latest version of PHP
    8. SSL-protected control panel
    9. 99.9% stability ratio
    10. Backup: Daily /Weekly /Monthly
    11. 24-hour technical support
    12. Protect folders with passwords
    13. Add your site to search engines
    14. Private DNS
    15. Private IP

What distinguishes our servers is the additions that can be added during or after the purchase

You can choose your server operating system

  • Cent OS 7.3
  • Cent OS 6.9
  • Debian 9
  • Debian 8
  • Ubuntu 14.04
  • Ubuntu 16.04
  • Ubuntu 17.04
  • Fedora 26
  • openSUSE Leap 42.3
  • Arch Linux

Service extensions for your server

  • Additional IP address
  • Managed Server
  • Full Monitoring
  • Full Monitoring
  • SSL certificate
  • SSL certificate (wildcard)
  • Backup-Space: 100 GB
  • Backup-Space: 500 GB
  • Backup-Space: 1000 GB
  • Backup-Space: 2000 GB